BC Postal and Shipping Scales

Rugged, reliable and simple shipping scales with USB and Bluetooth for mail and parcel weighing

BC Postal and Shipping Scale with data interfaces perfect for mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores

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What is a shipping or parcel scale?

A shipping weight scale, freight scale or parcel scale can help you perform your routine weighing tasks quickly and accurately. Our shipping scales are perfect for mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores. METTLER TOLEDO shipping scales are the perfect basic solution for applications in which simple weighing is needed. METTLER TOLEDO offers smart weigh digital shipping with a shipping weight scale up to 300lb / 150kg. We have the right shipping scale for sale wherever you are in the world, and we also offer USB shipping scale options.

What applications use a digital shipping scale?

Parcel scales and digital shipping scales are multi-functional for accurate weighing in a variety of applications—from self-service and sorting to point-of-sale and dynamic weighing. Our BC postal and shipping scales were designed with the needs of mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores in mind. METTLER TOLEDO also offers USB shipping scale solutions. These USB shipping scale solutions make connecting your shipping scale or parcel scale easier.

How can a freight scale improve efficiency?

In fast paced shipping departments, speed and accuracy are critical. Enhance productivity with speedier processes and make the weighing process easier for operators by using our postal scales and parcel scales in your mailroom, shipping area or retail parcel store today. Designed for fast and easy weighing, six clearly structured large format keys with tactile feedback combine with the simple to use LCD display for fast and clear results. They are easily connected to PCs with multiple options for connectivity, including serial, USB, virtual serial, keyword wedge, Ethernet and Bluetooth. These freight scale options are easy to use with an intuitive interface and a graphical display that has functional soft keys and a navigation keypad. Built to withstand over 500% overload while still weighing accurately, BC Postal and shipping weight scales were designed with the demands of a fast-paced shipping environment in mind.

How are METTLER TOLEDO shipping scales and parcel scale models different from other companies' scales?

In addition to shipping scale for sale offerings, we also offer service for shipping scales. We are offer a global service network that is fully trained in all postal, parcel scale and shipping applications. For any size shipment, METTLER TOLEDO supplies the top solutions for weighing, dimensioning and sorting. Our many years of experience serving many national postal organizations, express shippers and postal suppliers has given us the know-how to provide you with the best postal and shipping scale for sale for your application.

How is the BC Shipping Scale powered and what cables come with the scale?

BC shipping scales are USB shipping scale devices. They are powered through the USB cable that comes in the scale box for all scales. Like recharging a cell phone, the BC shipping scale for sale will always be powered by either a USB port on a PC, a USB port on a USB/110-240 V power adapter, or a USB port on a cell phone portable power bank battery. When the USB cable is attached to the PC USB port, it will communicate and power the scale with the same USB cable. The USB power adapter is typically used if the scale is communicating by serial cable, Ethernet cable, or Bluetooth. Most scale models come with the serial cable and power adapter in the scale box except versions through UPS programs. Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative for more details.

How can we get remote display kits and additional cable length options for a BC Shipping Scale?

For the BC shipping scale, all remote model 0270 (7-segment) display kits and 0271 (graphical) display kits can be wall mounted or tower mounted and include the 3 m (10 ft.) extended cable. An alternate cable length used with a remote display is 302410623 (6.5 ft./2 m). Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative for more BC scale accessory options and details.

Can the BC shipping scale be powered by batteries as well as a power cord?

Yes. For BC shipping scales, it is a USB 5VDC device which provides flexible ways to power the scale just like recharging a cell phone. The BC scale can be powered by an "off the shelf" cell phone power bank. Since the scale is UL listed, METTLER TOLEDO recommends a UL listed power bank be used for electrical safety. The power bank can be used with the Bluetooth option of the BC scale for full portability. In addition, the BC scale can be powered by the USB port on a laptop computer. The scale can communicate to the carrier shipping software on the laptop computer through the same USB cable. This provides a portable shipping system including the shipping software, and there is only one device to recharge at night.

What is a BC scale?

The BC scale is a postal and shipping scale (also referred to as a mail scale or parcel scale) meant for non-dynamic or static routine weighing operations in various logistics operations. It is the improved successor of the METTLER TOLEDO PS scale (e.g. PS30 and PS60). This new postal scale offering is available with a 15, 30, 60 or 150 kg weighing capacity, handling a single or multiple weighing range or interval. Depending on your logistics setup and weighing capacity, choose from the heavy-duty stainless steel flat platter, the roller platter, or the ball top platter to enable convenient weighing operation.

What is the BC Postal and Shipping Scale used for?

The BC scale is made to be used in various logistics related weighing operations from receiving, packing, shipping, mailing and manifesting. It helps users to accurately and promptly weigh all forms of letters, documents, packages and parcels. The BC Postal and Parcel scale is perfect for environments such as mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping and receiving departments, fulfillment centers, distribution centers and retail parcel shipping stores. Finally, the BC is multi-functional as it can handle different applications like bulk mail and package weighing or counting, packing verification and shipping weight determination that includes label weight compensations.

Can the BC Postal and Shipping Scale communicate and interface with PCs?

Yes, the BC scale offers a standard USB or RS-232 serial interface to automate data recording and avoid manual entry errors. The USB connection lowers the cost of integration by allowing modern day PCs (not offer a standard RS-232 interface) to connect to the scale using a virtual serial host mode or HIDPOS protocol. Furthermore, the USB interface also supports a HID Keyboard Wedge functionality that simply transfers the weight data directly into any software's weight text field without any custom programming. With the Ethernet interface option, the BC scale can be shared between different PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN) to optimize asset utilization. In environments where cabling is seen as an inconvenience, interference or even a hazard, the Bluetooth option provides a cable free connection to the BC scale.