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HE73 230V Model

Great for Simple Moisture Analysis.0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, bright backlit LCD display, progress indicator, two methods, free switch-off criterion, standard and rapid drying, 50-200°C drying temperature.

Reliable Moisture Results

A straightforward instrument with all the basic functions you need for fast and efficient moisture measurements.

Simple Operation with Method Buttons

With two method shortcut buttons the instrument is easy to use even by untrained operators. The free switch-off criterion offers extra flexibility.

Affordable Quality

With its simple high quality construction and rugged design, this instrument is suitable for both laboratory and production environments.

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Specifications - Hal. Moisture Analyzer HE73 (230V)
Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample
0.15 %
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample
0.05 %
0.01 %MC
1 Result; 2 Methods
Drying Temperature
50 °C – 200 °C
Drying Programs
Rapid; Standard
Recommended Moisture Range
1.0 - 100 %MC
Result Handling
Progress Indicator
User Management
Switch-off criteria
1 Automatic (SOC 3); Freely Definable (1mg/10-140s); Timed
Test & Adjust
SmartCal; Temperature (100/160); Weight
Temperature Increments
1 °C
Display Mode
%AD; %AM; %DC; %MC; g
Maximum Capacity
71 g
Readability MC
0.01 %
Method Development Support
Material Number(s)

Moisture Know-How Gets You Started

Profit from our moisture method collection. Our tried and tested methods help you to find the right method for your sample.


Material No.: 11600361

Material No.: 214695

Material No.: 30134141

Material No.: 214758

Material No.: 30094673

Material No.: 30094674

Material No.: 30134140

Material No.: 30402574


Further Accessories for Moisture Analyzers

Material No.: 11113883

Moisture Analyzer Calibration

Material No.: 30005790

Material No.: 30005791

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Material No.: 30005793

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Moisture Sample Handling Accessories

Material No.: 13865

Material No.: 214464

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Hal. Moisture Analyzer HE73 (230V)
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