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Handles sticky samples easily

Same samples are hard to work with because they stick to everything. With common tools it is almost impossible to get all the material that was weighted into the titrator. That is why METTLER TOLEDO designed the Visco-Spoon.
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Specifications - Visco-Spoon
Material Number(s) 51107668
The Visco-Spoon is introduced directly into the titration cellThe Visco-Spoon is handled like any spatula. It allows transporting the sample to the titrator conveniently, quickly and without losing material on the way. To dissolve all the sample on the Visco-Spoon, the use of a homogenizer is recommended for most samples.

Suitable samples: The Visco spoon can be used with a variety of samples, of which some examples are:
  • chocolate melt/sauce
  • honey
  • mustard
  • cosmetics (creams)
  • various dairy products e.g. cream cheese
  • technical greases

Caution: The Visco-Spoon is suitable for soft samples only. It must not been used with hard samples, where there is a risk of breaking.

The Visoc-Spoon is usually used with KF Titrators or with the KF titration stand DV705.
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