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DR42 TBox

Can even turn on your coffee machine

The DR42 TBox can be connected to the standard TTLIO port of the C30/V30 and the Titration Excellence line.
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Specifications - DR42 TBox
Material Number(s) 51107420
For the automatic activation of external devices such as a heater, homogenizing high speed stirrer, solenoid valve or a dispenser, why not connect the DR42 TBox. The DR42 is an external controller for TTL inputs and outputs with 2 inputs and 4 outputs. Among the outputs are 2 x 220/110V AC outputs enabling activation of most standard 220/110V AC equipment.
Order information: 

51107420TBox DR42 
51190589 Cable TBox DR42 – Titration Compact & Excellence line / Rondo 


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DR42 TBox