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DV1000 interchangeable burettes

Dispensing with highest precision and security

The DV1000 series of interchangeable burettes allow secure and rapid titrant change. With the choice of four different burette sizes you can optimize the dispensing volume and achieve highest precision.
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Specifications - DV1000 interchangeable burettes
Material Number(s) 51107503, 51107500, 51107501, 51107502
Contact-less data transmission via RFIDIntelligent burettes guarantee security with Titration Excellence titrators
Is the correct titrant in the burette? Is the concentration right? Has the titer expired? On which drive is it installed? The Titration Excellence titrator automatically verifies all these parameters when an analysis
is started. Simply mount the burette and it does the work for you.

If your DV1000 burette does not yet include the RFID chip yet, you can upgrade it.

DV1001 1mL interchangeable burette for accurate micro titration.

With the 1 mL burette the titration is extremely ecological as only a minimal amount of titrant is needed. Moreover, with the micro titration beaker and the DG101-SC micro pH electrode, titrations can be performed with smaller amounts of samples.
Order information:

Interchangeable burettes:
51107503 ... DV1001 (1 mL)
51107500 ... DV1005 (5 mL)
51107501 ... DV1010 (10 mL)
51107502 ... DV1020 (20 mL)

Glass cylinders:
51107533 ... for DV1001 (1 mL)
51107100 ... for DV1005 (5 mL)
51107101 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)
51107102 ... for DV1020 (20 mL)

Centering rings:
51107519 ... for DV1005 (5 mL)
51107520 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)
51107521 ... for DV1020 (20 mL)

51107537 ... with PTFE valve disc (standard)
51107525 ... with ceramic valve disc (optional)

51107535 ... for DV1001 (1 mL)
51107115 ... for DV1005 (5 mL)
51107116 ... for DV1010 (10 mL)
51107117 ... for DV1020 (20 mL)

standard: 45 mm / GL45 / DIN
00023774 ... for Merck bottles (40mm/S40)
00023787 ... for Fisher bottles

Tubing material:
00025687 ... dispensing tube with siphon tip, 70cm
00025688 ... suction tubing, 83cm
00025961 ... dispensing tube with siphon tip, 100cm
00023644 ... light protection tube (UV)

Intelligent burette upgrade:
51109117 ... Burette PnP RFID upgrade
Features and Benefits
  • Rapid titrant change
  • Automatic burette recognition via RFID with Titration Excellence Line
  • 4 different burette sizes: 5, 10 and 20mL standard burettes, depending on the application, special 1 mL burette for accurate micro titration
  • Compliant with ISO 8655-3
  • Serial number on glass cylinder
  • Certifiable independently of burette drive
  • Red protection tubing against light
  • Replaceable PTFE valve disks
  • Optional ceramic valve disks for cristallising titrants
  • Replaceable high precision glass cylinder with serial number
  • PTFE pistons with tripple lip seal assure good tightness



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DV1000 interchangeable burettes