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Analyzer, EasyViewer 400

View and Measure Particles in Real Time.EasyViewer 400 System Configuration

New Experimental Insights

Capture high-resolution images of particles as they exist in situ, at previously unobtainable levels of detail, to reveal new insights for processes.

Powerful Analytics

Transform EasyViewer into a powerful particle size and shape analyzer using optional image analysis methods in iC Vision to design particles faster.

Flexibility for Scale-Up

Compare results from small scale to larger scale during transfer to de-risk late stage process development.

Material No.: 14000220

easyviewer 400 system
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Real Time Analysis

Powerful analytics allows process monitoring or particle determination with special algorithms.

Introducing EasyViewer 400

Characterize particle processes across scales, supporting process scale-up, transfer and production.

Specifications - Analyzer, EasyViewer 400
Probe Wetted Material
Hastelloy C22
Probe Window Material
Probe Wetted Temperature Range
-80 to 100°C (purged)
10 to 100°C (standard)
Probe Back End Temperature Range
0 °C – 25 °C
Probe Wetted Pressure Range
up to 100 barg (custom)
0 bar (full vacuum) to 10 barg (Standard)
CE/NRTL Approved, Class 1 Laser Device, Compliant with 21CFR1040.10 and 1040.11 and IEC 60825-1
For Use In
Non-Hazardous Lab or Plant
iC Vision
Imaging System
Front Lasers: Backscattered images
Back Lasers: Transmission images with use of optional clamp-on reflector
Back Lasers: 4
Front Lasers: 4
Probe Window Seals
TM (standard, no o-rings)
Probe Diameter
Probe Wetted Length
Conduit Length
3m [9.8ft]
Field of View
1100 μm x 800 μm (± 50 μm)
Optical Resolution
> 980 nm
Image Resolution
2200 x 1700 pixels
Weight (probe, interface unit and cables)
1.45 kg [3.20 lb]
Air Requirements
Always use clean, dry instrument quality air or Nitrogen
Low flow purge (optional, use to avoid condensation), 1.4 barg [20 psig], 0.5 SLPM [0.02 SCFM]
Power Requirements
Via USB 3.0 on control pc +5 VDC, 1.7 A (maximum)
Via USB 3.0 powered extender 100-240 VAC (auto-switching), 50/60 Hz, 1.7 A
Laser Wavelength

New Experimental Insights

Capture high-resolution images of particles in situ to obtain deep process understanding for complex systems. Study crystallizations, suspensions and emulsions in previously unobtainable detail and reveal new insights that will power process-development.

Powerful Analytics

Transform EasyViewer into a powerful particle size and shape analyzer using optional image analysis methods in iC Vision. Monitor process changes or quantify particle size and shape with custom algorithms. Use images to verify results. Design particles faster.

Flexibility for Scale-Up

The small, probe-only instrument design and flexible mounting system can be inserted into reactors, pilot vessels and pipelines. Results from smaller scales can be compared to results from scale-up, de-risking late stage development.

Confident Deployment

Leverage auto-focus, auto-lighting, and auto-save-best-image software features to ensure every project team member can collect the highest quality images from the beginning to the end of every experiment, so that you never miss anything.



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Analyzer, EasyViewer 400