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IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals

IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal

Power and performance for advanced weighing applications

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Powerful Weighing Software
Effective User Interface
Flexible Configuration and Custom Programmability
Flexible Control Options
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Products and Specs

Products and Specs


IND780 PLC Resources

Case Studies

Massive Scale Weighs Four Rail Cars Simultaneously
To ensure the safety of its heavy rail transport, a mining operation in Australia needed more than a standard rail scale. For maximum efficiency, this...
Optimized Loads Reduce Fuel Use
Sustainability in the world of heavy transport means getting the most out of every load. By utilizing the maximum legal capacity of each truck, compan...
When Safety is Critical: Asiatic Agricultural Industries Converts to EX (Weighing Equipment for Hazardous Areas)
Businesses grow. Weighing equipment should be adaptable to change and grow with it. This can be particularly important when plants modernize. Employee...
Precision Weighing for Competitive Advantage
Download our new comprehensive collection of case studies about automated filling machines from 0.1 milligrams to 1,500 kilograms.


Engineering Note
Engineering note providing a step by step guideline for establishing basic connectivity to Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC-Systems for functionally test...
Compliant Packaging with Scales
Ship bulk goods exactly, verify product packages for intactness and print labels. Weighing technology can help you fulfill customer orders accurately....
Application Note: Counting Solutions for Lean Production
Verify production quantities with easy-to-use and fail-safe weighing solutions.


Features and Benefits


  • Rugged industrial quality stainless steel harsh enclosure IP69K - Safeguards your investment by ensuring long service life and permitting heavy pressurized washdown during day-to-day production
  • CalFree™ and Step Calibration: Fulfill calibration requirements of scale platforms with simple procedures
  • 366 Hz A/D conversions with TraxDSP™: Fast, repeatable weighing
  • A variety of connection options: Numerous connection options (serial, Ethernet, USB, digital I/O, PLC interface, etc.) simplify the integration of multiple scales into networks
  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostics: Predict failures before they occur and maintain calibration compliance. Send e-mail alerts to designated individuals warning of potential failures or maintenance, and schedule and track terminal maintenance
  • TaskExpert™ Programming: A dedicated solution for every weighing problem, produced by customized programming for advanced applications using a flowchart-based tool
  • MinWeigh® functionality: Tracks and controls measurement uncertainty at the low end of the scale’s capacity, and gives on-screen and printed alerts when a measured weight is below the allowable minimum
  • SmartTrac™ graphical display: Clear, intuitive display for over/under and material transfer applications, with multi-zone feed control to ensure rapid, precise performance
  • InSite™ PC Backup Tool: Remote terminal configuration back-up and restore, for archiving of terminal settings
Invision Scale
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