Webinar: GFSi Food Safety with Checkweighing Applications - METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

Webinar: GFSi Food Safety with Checkweighing Applications

On Demand Webinar
Learn about the two most common GFSi recognised schemes BRC and IFS and how they may be properly implemented into food safety processes in this free webinar.
35 Minutes
English , 中文 , Tiếng Việt , Italiano , 한국어

Who should attend?

This 35 minute free webinar was especially created to assist Operators, Service-Technicans and other staff with a direct responsibility for the production line. It will train you on the use of the two most implemented schemes within the GFSI Initiative, BRC and IFS. Gain access to deeper insights of Critical Control Points and into the rules that apply when operating a checkweigher and the different challenges manufacturers have to take care of.

This webinar covers in detail the following areas: 

  • The two most common schemes BRC and IFS
  • The tasks related to checkweighing in production
  • Critical Control Points which must be observed
  • Challenges manufacturers have to take care of
  • How to choose the best supplier

Invest 30 minutes to fully understand what your responsibilities within GFSI are and how they can improve your production line processes to gain compliance and reduce costs.

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