7000RMS Bioburden Analyzer and Its Response to Microorganisms
On Demand Webinar

Microbial Analysis with the 7000RMS

On Demand Webinar

Studies and testing to show its response to multiple microorganisms

7000RMS Bioburden Analyzer
7000RMS Bioburden Analyzer

The 7000RMS is an on-line instrument for real-time microbial analysis of pharmaceutical waters. This on-demand webinar looks at how efficiently the 7000RMS responds to specific microorganisms.

The presenter will explain:

  • How the 7000RMS detects and counts microorganisms
  • Studies to show how the analyzer is able to detect microorganisms
  • Results from a case study to show process control benefits of on-line microbial detection

Improve process control with the 7000RMS for real-time microbial analysis in your water system. Studies have shown that the analyzer can effectively detect different varieties of water-related microorganisms in various concentrations.

Arundhati Samanta
45 minutes

Presenter: Arundhati Samanta. Global Product Manager Microbial Detection has over 12 years' experience in product and market management.