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Filter Weighing

Precision to the Very Last Particle

Traffic means mobility and air emissions. Thanks to economical advantages, diesel engine becomes more and more popular, but particle emission is strictly restricted by regulations. Determining the weight of particulate matter (PM) is a key task in the automotive industry and one which is likely to become even more important as emissions standards become stricter. To allow fast and easy measurement of particulate matter at any time, METTLER TOLEDO has developed new filter weighing solutions.

For an accurate differentiation of the smallest weights we offer a complete portfolio of filter weighing kits. They fit perfectly on microbalances, ultra microbalances and analytical balances. To complete the solution we offer a printer or if preferred, LabX balance PC software for customized data handling.

We also offer the world’s first automated weighing solution for the measurement of particulate matter in the automotive industry. This innovative filter robot solution, especially designed for diesel engine emissions, enables easy, fast and cost saving weight determination of particulate matter.

Filter Weighing
Filter Weighing


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