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Differential Weighing

Perfecting a classical method

Determining the difference between the initial and residual weights of samples in percent and grams is one of the most frequent routine applications in a laboratory. METTLER TOLEDO offers a complete solution in this area. It consists of a balance, a printer and application software for the specific balance being used.There is a choice between an integrated balance application and an enhanced solution powered by LabX laboratory software for higher demands in traceability and security.

Differential Weighing
Differential Weighing

Differential weighing with integrated software solution - for XP/AX/MX/UMX balances

No more time-consuming work on your calculator. The balance takes care of it. Even repeated back-weighing up to 3 times is possible, and a total of up to 99 samples can be divided over 10 series. Multiple back-weighing is useful, for example, if you dry your sample first, and want to ash it later on. The application is user-guided and displayed on a touch screen for maximum ease of use. For maximum flexibility the weighing process can be handled manually, to access samples, series, and results directly. When done automatically, it offers even more operating convenience. This application comesas standard with the XP/AX/MX/UMX balance series.

One Click Loss on Drying – powered by LabX

Start the method with One Click™ and you are fully guided through the entire process: from the determination of the tare weight to the back weighing of each sample. All measurement data are stored automatically in a database and are available for years to come. As a first step of the process a barcode label is printed automatically to identify each sample, then all samples are heated in the oven - usually 3 hours at 105 ° C - and cooled down in the desiccator. The last step of the process is the back weighing. To identify the sample and log this weight against the correct initial weight the barcode is scanned again. All the calculations to determine the moisture content are performed in the background. The final results are shown on the balance display and can be printed out with all the readings for complete documentation. LabX in conjunction with an Excellence balance forms the ideal solution for processes where many samples need to be processed in little time. The risk of transcriptional and calculating errors is eliminated, the samples are uniquely identified and the process is documented automatically, saving time and money.

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