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Density Measurement

Density determination using the buoyancy method

Density determination is used in many areas to characterize certain properties of a product or material.

The density determination is performed by means of Archimedes' principle (buoyancy method), which states that a body immersed in a fluid apparently loses weight by an amount equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. This method allows determination of the density of solids, viscous and pasty substances, as well as liquids.

METTLER TOLEDO offers a range of hardware and software options for determination of density using the gravimetric measuring method.

Density Determination - Truly efficient
Determine the density of solid, liquid, porous and viscous substances using METTLER TOLEDO’S Density Kits, available for both Analytical and Precision Balances. Whether you use the buoyancy technique, the displacement principle or the pycnometer method, Density Kits make density determination convenient and precise.

The Kits are easily mounted on your balance in a few simple steps. The rugged design and sturdy construction offer durability and ease-of-use.

Integrated density firmware solutions
The built-in density determination application on the Excellence XP/XS Balances provides complete workflows for five different methods. The application guides you step-by-step through the procedure, collects the results, calculates the density and allows statistical evaluation of the measurement series.

Comprehensive configurable reports
You can calculate and record the density values with the Excellence XP/XS Balances firmware. The density results can be transferred from the balance to a computer or printed out. The output report can be configured according to your requirements: specify the settings of the header line and define the options for reports of individual values and for statistical reports of a measurement series.
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