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Static Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning

Static Parcel Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning

Accurate, Quick and Easy Measurement of Parcels

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Object shape
Max object size (l x w x h)
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ThroughputApprox. 400 per hour
Object shapeRectangular solid objects
Max object size (l x w x h)1150 x 750 x 700 mm


Literature for Increased Productivity and Revenue Recovery


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Accurate, Quick and Easy Measurement of Parcels

Life is complicated and choosing to invest in an automatic measuring solution is a big decision. Our aim with this multimedia library is to simplify things. At your leisure, take a look at our videos and ROI tool and see for yourself how simple the benefits of automatic dimensioning really are.

The Benefits in Numbers
Our ROI calculator shows you, clearly and simply, how profitable your investment will be.

Let the numbers speak for themselves
Dimensioning in Action
Uncertain how a dimensioner will fit into your operation? Take a look at our CSN810 TableTop™ in action and see for yourself.

Watch the CSN810 TableTop in Action
The Value of Dimensioning (in 3 mins)
Find out more about the real benefits of dimensioning in this three minute video presentation.

Discover the real value of dimensioning