Reference Weights and Microgram Weights for Metrology

Reference Weights and Microgram Weights

Weights for Highest Metrological Performance and Specialized Applications

High-grade stainless steel knob and wire reference weights in class "E0" - with a higher accuracy than OIML class E1 weights - enable calibration of mass standards with the highest metrological performance.

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What is the OIML class of a reference weight?

It is commonly called an E0 class, but in reality it is an E1 weight with a lower uncertainty and a maximum permissible error of 1/5, compared to a standard E1 weight.

Is calibration of an E0 weight performed at METTLER TOLEDO?

No, the calibration of an E0 weight is performed at a national metrology institute, either PTB in Germany or METAS in Switzerland.

How large is the weight portfolio for reference weights?

We have single weight from 1mg - 50Kg and different weight sets.

Who uses reference weights?

Reference weights are used by national metrology institutes to calibrate other weights (for example of their customers).