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Perangkat lunak iC

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Perangkat Lunak iC dari METTLER TOLEDO
Perangkat Lunak Spektroskopi IR iC
Perangkat Lunak Kalorimetri Reaksi iControl
Perangkat Lunak Sistem Partikel FBRM iC

Produk dan Spek

Ubah Data Eksperimen Menjadi Pengetahuan Proses

Produk dan Spek
AddOn Modules
Material No.: 14990211
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SupportsCaptures iControl, iC IR, iC FBRM, iC PVM and EasyMax/OptiMax RX-10 touchscreen experiments
Material No.: 51161893
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SupportsEasyMax and OptiMax Synthesis Workstations and RX-10 Control Units; RC1mx High Performance Reaction Calorimeter
AddOn ModulesMulti-Instrument Control, HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimetry)
Material No.: 14910701
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SupportsReactIR and FlowIR Instruments
Material No.: 14920001
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SupportsParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
Material No.: 51162493
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SupportsRC1e Reaction Calorimeters
AddOn ModulesiC Safety
Material No.: 14950003
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SupportsData Import from iControl and iC IR
Material No.: 14910100
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SupportsProduction ReactIR, ParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
AddOn ModulesiC Quant for ReactIR
Material No.: 14940001
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SupportsParticleView and PVM Instruments


Tangkap Data, Visualisasikan & Tafsirkan Eksperimen, Laporkan Hasil

Lembar data

iC PVM Software
View particles in real time to study particle size, shape and concentration with iC PVM
iC IR Software
Use spectroscopic data to increase chemical understanding and knowledge of the chemical process and associated critical parameters.
iC Quant for iC Software
Predict actual concentrations of key reaction species, even in a complex mixture, in real time to understand reaction performance.
iC Safety
iC Safety utilizes experimental data from the RC1e reaction calorimeter and other calorimetric techniques. It is designed to speed and simplify the ca...


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