New DataBridge™ Data Accumulator Feature by METTLER TOLEDO
Setting limits

Limit (n.) 1. A point or level beyond when something does not or may not extend or pass

In your operation, if you are not controlling and tracking your transactions, then you are probably losing money and opportunities.

Imagine these scenarios:

1.     You are a gravel supplier with multiple long term contracts (jobs) with customers. However, in order to supply all of your customers, you must limit the amount of material each contract can have daily.

With the data accumulator feature, you can create a contract for the customer's job that has a lifetime limit of 100 loads and a daily limit of 10 loads per day. This would limit one customer from receiving all available material within one day, ensuring there is enough for the other customers loading at your facility.  Without the data accumulator feature within DataBridge™, you may be forfeiting opportunities and not fulfilling contracts with other customers.


2.     At your landfill, you require invoice customers to have a substantial security deposit in case of no payment. In order to maintain contracts and avoid product giveaway, you need a way to set a monetary limit on goods provided to the customer.

A monthly currency limit is set on the customer account to ensure the customer does not go over the amount covered by the deposit. This highly sophisticated data-management system is offered by METTLER TOLEDO DataBridgeTM.

Learn more about how DataBridge™  scale-house software can automate your vehicle-weighing operation.  Whether your business has been operating for years or is just getting started, this powerful software package can make your job easier and your business more profitable.

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