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2-Wire Transmitter Delivers Greater Productivity

Good manufacturing practice relies on equipment that simplifies operations and reduces costs. The M400 2-wire multi-parameter transmitter provides the highest reliability and easiest handling in hazardous area applications.

With its rugged design and approvals for hazardous area use, the M400 2-wire transmitter series provides operating assurance even in the most challenging conditions. In combination with METTLER TOLEDO's advanced Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, this means the M400 2-wire unit offers greater process reliability in chemical applications.

Fits to your process
The M400 transmitter is a single-channel unit for pH / ORP, oxygen and conductivity sensors. Its multi-parameter ability ensures the new series'̕ suitability for a wide variety of processes. Thanks to the mixed-mode input, which accepts analog or digital ISM sensors, the M400 offers a unique and smooth technology transition from conventional to digital sensors and provides a future- oriented investment in your plant.

Quick and simplified sensor handling
With the advanced ISM functionality implemented in the M400, the transmitter series provides additional valuable benefits. Using METTLER TOLEDO's iSense software, sensors can be very accurately calibrated in a convenient location such as a workshop and stored for later use. When a calibrated probe is connected to the M400, the calibration data is automatically uploaded to the transmitter and the system is ready to measure in a few moments. This Plug and Measure feature minimizes the risk of installation troubles and simplifies sensor commissioning and replacement.

Improved process control at lower cost
Measurement data and sensor diagnostics tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator, Adaptive Calibration Timer and Time to Maintenance can be output to the process control system via two 4 to 20 mA analog output signals. Together with the M400's HART communication capability, system integration is easily achieved, enabling more efficient maintenance of the measurement system. Unplanned shutdowns due to unforeseen sensor failure no longer occur, and the resulting increase in process availability and reduced maintenance leads to improved productivity and lower operating costs.

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