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Sieve weighing at its best — weighing of bulk goods made easy

The particle size is an important parameter when evaluating the chemical and physical properties of solid matter. It is often semi-skilled staff who carry out the sieving process, creating a need for devices which are simple-to-use. The Excellence Plus Balances combine a simple and intuitive operational concept with straightforward documentation solutions.

Fractionation or sieving is frequently used as the method of analysis for grain size distribution. In many cases, sieving is performed by semi-skilled staff which creates a requirement for the devices to be simple to operate without any PC connection. With the Excellence Plus Balances, sieve analysis is both logical and straightforward in practice. The empty sieve is fitted and the balance is tared; the substance can then be weighed out. Following this, sieving starts. Once this has been done, you simply have to put it back on the balance and take the reading. That's it! Fast and logical.

Perfect Result Display
The XPR Precision Balance stands out from other balance models thanks to a feature which means that it displays the remaining grain size in % immediately after the weight is reweighed, with the remaining content also displayed in g or kg. There is also a gross weight display option. All the user menus are available in over 12 languages, if required.
The results can now be entered manually in a simple results form created specifically for this purpose. If required, these can also be sent to a printer or PC (e.g., using our LabX software). The user only has to press a maximum of two buttons when doing this.

Recording Multiple Sieves
It is common for multiple sieves to be used — between six and eight are typical. Here, there is also the option of storing these sieves in the balances along with their test equipment number, which the user can access if they need to. It is also possible to preset the tare weight, giving various users the option of weighing several fractional sieves at the same time. As a result, there is no waiting involved for the sieving to finish.
All this makes the Excellence Plus XPR Precision Balance a real alternative to other balance types. It is flexible, functional, and yet still simple to use.

One Click™ Sieve Analysis — with LabX
If sieving in columns (fractionation) is something you do on a daily basis, or large datasets and evaluations are an issue, purchasing additional software support such as LabX is recommended to simplify the process. The sieve analysis begins when you press the One Click™ start button on the touchscreen of the XP Balance.
The automatic weight calculation function ensures that the sieves are weighed one after the other without any further entries being made. LabX accompanies the user step-by-step through the procedure, carries out calculations automatically, and stores all data. This complete solution is flexible and can be adapted to suit individual process requirements, simplifying the extensive sieve analysis process carried out in the lab on a daily basis.


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