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UC Evo Max Line

UC Evo Max Line

Touchscreen weighing convenience for the highest standards

The UC Evo Max Line is METTLER TOLEDO's range of PC scales for the most stringent demands. The UC Evo Max Line supports the most comprehensive range of fresh produce and processor-intensive applications such as multimedia sales promotion at the PoS. The UC Evo Max Line impresses with its easy networking and support for applications from third-party suppliers. Thanks to the extensive range of equipment and different models available, you are sure to find a weighing solution that is precisely suited to your requirements – whether you need it for prepacking, at the service counter, or for self-service weighing.

Típusok, műszaki adatok

Típusok, műszaki adatok
Szűrő beállítása
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Cikkszám: 22021920
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DescriptionHigh-end PC-based Scale with Touchscreen Control for Self-service Areas
Cikkszám: 22022500
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DescriptionHigh-end self-service scale with 17" touchscreen
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DescriptionHigh-end PC-based compact scale for prepacking and self-service areas
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DescriptionHigh-performance standard software for PC scales
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DescriptionHigh-end self-service scale with Smart Vision assistance




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