ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848

ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848

Refillable ORP Probe with Liquid Electrolyte

The Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848 is a refillable analog ORP probe for in-line measurements of redox/ORP in biotech applications. This 450 mm refillable sensor with Friscolyt electrolyte is a reliable ORP measurement solution.

For Use in Extreme Conditions
The Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848 uses a pressurizable reference electrolyte to ensure measurement stability and low maintenance in harsh applications.

Refillable Sensor with Long Lifetime
This pH sensor uses a refillable Friscolyt electrolyte to ensure reliable results over a long lifetime in media with proteins / organic solvents.

Watertight connection
The IP68 watertight cable connection provides excellent signal transmission in all environments.

ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848
Specifikációk - ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848
Analóg vagy ISM Analog
Mérési paraméterek ORP/Redox
pH-membrán, üveg típusú None
Egyes vagy kettős csatlakozású Double junction refillable
Szenzor hosszúsága 450 mm
Hőmérsékletjel None
Csatlakozás típusa S7
Oldatföldelés/redox fém Platinum
Elektrolit Friscolyt
ORP range Measures ORP
Nyomásállóság (bar) 0 to 6 barg (in pressurized housing)
Nyomásállóság (psi) 0 to 87 psig (in pressurized housing)
Referencia rendszer Argenthal with silver-ion trap
Sterilizálható Yes
Autoklávozható No
Membrán Ceramic
ATEX Certification No
FM approval No
IECEx Certificate of Conformity No
Mérési hőmérséklet-tartomány (angolszász) 32 to 226° F
Mérési hőmérséklet-tartomány (metrikus) 0 to 130° C
Cikkszám 59905089

Features and Benefits

Reliable in Demanding Applications
The Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848 refillable ORP sensor uses a pressurizable reference electrolyte that ensures permanent self-cleaning of the diaphragms. This leads to long-term ORP measurement stability and low maintenance in harsh applications.
Reliability in Challenging Media
This refillable ORP sensor uses Friscolyt electrolyte. This electrolyte is designed to provide optimal results and an extended lifetime in media with high protein or organic solvent concentrations. It is also well suited for low temperature media.
Meets Your Installation Requirements
The Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848 has an Argenthal reference system with two diaphragms. The system is designed to prevent protein and silver sulfide precipitation on the diaphragms. With a 450 mm length, it is optimal when longer installation lengths are needed.
Accurate, Reliable Measurement System 
The Pt4865-50 ORP electrodes are designed with long-term accuracy and reliability in mind. They are refillable liquid-electrolyte pH probes with two diaphragms, offering reliability and accuracy, a long sensor lifetime and high pressure resistance.



Ajánlatot kérek
ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-P-S7/450/9848
USP Class VI
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