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UniCond Conductivity Calibrator

The only calibrator for digital conductivity sensor electronics.

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton UniCond® sensor calibration module is the only digital conductivity system to meet USP <645> and EP calibration requirements.


  • Provides unique solution for in-process calibration
  • Connects to both UniCond conductivity sensor and M300 or M800 transmitter
  • No need to remove sensor from water process
  • Saves time and reduces risk of contamination
  • Provides NIST-traceable resistances for all ranges of UniCond measuring circult

UniCond In-Line Calibration

The UniCond® conductivity sensors and transmitter electronics can be calibrated in-line without removal from the process

The Unicond calibrator uses NIST-traceable precision resistors (0.1%) for all ranges of the UniCond measuring circuit to verify performance of the sensor and transmitter electronics. Using this method, a UniCond sensor can be calibrated or verified per international Pharmacopeia requirements without violating the integrity of the water system.



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UniCond Conductivity Calibrator
USP Class VI
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