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Alternating DSC

Temperature-modulated DSC methods are frequently employed for the separation of overlapping thermal events. For this purpose METTLER TOLEDO provides Alternating DSC (SW option not available in USA, CAN, JP.), which controls the furnace temperature by modulating the underlying heating rate superimposed by a sinusoidal modulation.

STARe Software Option Alternating DSC
Specifikációk - Alternating DSC
Cikkszám 51140657
Features and Benefits

  • Conventional DSC curve
  • Reversing and non-reversing curve
  • Cp' and Cp'' curves

  • Separation of overlapping effects
  • Frequently used for the investigation of compound mixtures as well as evaporation and curing reactions
  • Investigation of the frequency dependence of sample response and transitions



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Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...


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Alternating DSC
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