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DP90 cseppenéspontmérő-rendszer

More Application Possibilities

Dropping point determinations at subambient temperature can be carried out using a DP90 Dropping Point System. It consists of a control unit and a separate measuring cell, which can be placed into a refrigerator or deep freezer.
Specifikációk - DP90 cseppenéspontmérő-rendszer
Hőmérsékleti tartomány -20–400 °C
Felfűtési sebesség 0,1–20 °C/perc
User management Yes
One Click™ (short cuts) Max. 12 per User
Videó Color AVI, >2.5x magnification
Videó rögzítési idő 300 minutes
Videó-Export Yes, to SD-card or to PC
Tartósan tárolt eredmények száma Last 100
Módszer adatbázis Yes, max. 60 methods
Hatóanyag adatbázis Yes, max. 100 substances
GLP-konform protokoll Yes
PDF-tárolás Yes
Nyelvek German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese
Csatlakozás vonalkód olvasóhoz Yes (USB)
Csatlakozás nyomtatóhoz USB-P25 Compact Printer, Ethernet Printer (PCL)
Norma konformitás European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur.) 2.2.17IP396, DIN 51920, ISO 4625-2AOCS Cc 18-80ASTM D3204, D3461, D3954, D6090
Opcionális IQ/OQ elérés Yes
Cikkszám 51143002
Wider Temperature Range 
Dropping point determinations at subambient temperature can only be performed using a DP90 Dropping Point System. It consists of a control unit and a separate measuring cell, which can be placed into a refrigerator or deep freezer.

Reliable measurements in pharma, cosmetics and food industry 
The DP90 combines all advantages of a DP70 with the possibility to start a measurement from -20 °C. The minimum temperature is reached safely thanks to the excellent insulation of the furnace and use of a LED light source which prevents self warming of the measuring cell.

Complete result documentation 
All results are securely archived and can be tracked at any time. Whether you print out results on a strip or network printer, save reports as PDF, or directly transfer all result files including video to a PC, you always get the maximum information possible from your measurements. In addition the result file in CSV format (comma separated values) enables the read-out of selected data by LIMS-software.

Fullfills increased regulatory needs 
Access control with username and password, duplicate determination and perfect result documentation are only a few equipment characteristics which correspond to needs of regulatory compliance.




Excellence Dropping Point Systems
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DP90 cseppenéspontmérő-rendszer



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DP90 cseppenéspontmérő-rendszer
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