White Paper

E-Liquids Characterization via Rapid Methods

White Paper

Of Raw Materials, Intermediates and Final Products

Download Our Free White Paper (PDF)
Download Our Free White Paper (PDF)

Starting from 2016, a list of new regulations became effective that forces e-liquid manufacturers to declare ingredient list for their products as well as the quantities of the constituents. Analytical techniques, such as: density and refractive index, UV Vis spectrophotometry and titration can be used to determine the quality of the ingredients and their concentration..

In this white paper we detail few advancements in e-liquid testing and characterization throughout the whole e-liquid manufacturing chain. In particular:

  • Specific gravity and refractive index determinations of raw materials
  • Nicotine determination via UV Vis absorbance and potentiometric titration
  • Water content by Karl Fischer titration
  • PG/VG ratio determination by the means of density determination
  • Boiling Point to determine the boiling temperature
  • pH values determination of the final product
  • Color determination of final products via UV Vis (Gardner scale)
E-liquid testing is essential for manufacturing quality control, for new product development, and to stay abreast of regulatory requirements. Learn more about analytical techniques that support you to ensure proper QC of e-liquids.