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Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Reaction Conditions

Increase Productivity With Easy-To-Use Reaction Blocks and Screening Tools

Parallel Synthesis is a technique widely used by researchers to speed the discovery of new compounds and screen for optimal process conditions.  In the pharmaceutical industry, Parallel Synthesis speeds the discovery and development of potential drug candidates.  Early practitioners coined the term "combinatorial chemistry" to describe the synthesis of large libraries with diverse chemical structures screened in mass for potential biological activity.

Today, Parallel Synthesis is available to any researcher who wishes to benefit from the time savings and additional data created by running multiple experiments in parallel.  Parallel Synthesis applications include lead generation, lead optimization, and screening for optimal reaction conditions.  Researchers also optimize processes through better understanding of synthetic routes, solvent systems, optimal temperatures and concentrations, correct reagents, reaction times, and selection of catalysts.

Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Reaction Conditions
Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Reaction Conditions


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