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The Key to Safe and Hygienic Food Processing

Incorrectly constructed equipment can make the difference between safe or contaminated food. A new hygienically designed weigh module adds safety to tank-weighing installations in hygienically sensitive environments.


The Key to Safe and Hygienic Food Processing
MultiMount Hygenic Design

Tanks often are placed directly in hygienically sensitive environments. For filling-level control, they are mounted on weigh modules. Because weigh modules are part of the storage tank, the complete installation requires a regular cleaning procedure. It is critical that they be designed for repeated wash-down.

Hygienic compliance and precision

When designed appropriately, tanks outfitted with weigh modules are an ideal solution for applications requiring both precision and hygienic compliance. Compared to other technologies, such as flowmeters, the weigh modules never come into direct contact with the processed food and deliver precise weighing results.

Designed for hygiene

The fully approved SWB805 MultiMount™ is optimized for hygienically sensitive environments and is able to withstand the cleaning procedures required to maintain a hygiene level appropriate for safe food processing.

The Key to Safe and Hygienic Food Processing
MultiMount Hygenic Design

Fulfills EHEDG design requirements and is NSF Approved

The weigh module is the right choice when designing low-risk equipment in food industries and clean room applications and it is certified by NSF and fulfills EHEDG design requirements.

The new SWB805 MultiMount™ weigh module offers:

  • Capacities of 110, 220, 550, 1100, 2200 & 4400kg
  • NSF certification
  • Fulfills EHEDG design requirements
  • Fully self-draining for fast drying
  • Mirror-polished surface to inhibit bacterial accumulation
  • Stainless-steel load cell
  • IP68 / IP69K protection
  • OIML, NTEP, ATEX, FM approvals
  • Hygienically designed junction box


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