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Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL 960/10

Stacked high throughput tips.Stacked tips, 20 μL max. volume, for liquid handling bench-top pipettor with LTSTM, 960 tips in 10 layers of 96 (LQS-20)

Convenient: Save space and reduce waste

Save space and stay green with stacked 20 μL high throughput tips

Reloadable rack. SBS footprint

The "base" rack is reloaded as tips are used, for fast throughput and space-saving.

Simultaneous 96-Well Manual Pipetting
Faster Than Many Robots

High-Throughput Pipettors pipetting system is a powerful personal research tool for all laboratories. Accurate and efficient, High-Throughput Pipettors is designed to maximize workflow, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, High-Throughput Pipettors adds outstanding quality features to high throughput pipetting, with many applications.

High throughput Solutions

Specifikacije - Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL 960/10
Tip Technology
LiteTouch System LTS
Volume Range
1 µL – 20 µL
20 µL
Maximum Volume
20 µL
960 tips in 5 layers
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Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL 960/10
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