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HDS Metal Detector

For vacuum filler applications Metal detection systems for sausage manufacture and inspection of high viscosity liquids.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance
Using one or multiple tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity, delivers high levels of sensitivity to detect more metal.

Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design
Proven reliability. Intuitive, easy to use menu driven membrane keypanel. Finished in bead blast SS & sealed to IP69K for heavy washdown applications.

Easy Integration
Configurable, hygienic system with minimum insertion space. Portable with flexible height adjustment. Easy integration with leading vacuum fillers.


Features and Benefits

Unrivalled sensitivity and stabilityThe maximum capacity to detect all metal contaminants combined with stable on-line performance.
Designed for harsh environmentsFull stainless steel construction and sealing standards up to IP69K make HDS pipeline detectors suitable for the harshest meat processing environments.
Performance validation softwareBuilt-in performance validation software indicates when scheduled testing is due and assists QA staff by guiding them through step by step test routines.
Easy to useThe intuitive, robust Signature membrane style menu driven interface provides easy set up and minimised downtime at product changeovers.
Compatible with other process equipmentDesigned for close integration with all leading vacuum filler and other sausage processing equipment.
Compact, mobile design for easy line integrationUse of unique ZMFZ technology and a robust mobile stand design enables overall system length to be minimised reducing the pipe length and helping to reduce product creaming.
Connectivity optionsCan be provided with an integral Ethernet adapter enabling connection to all external data collection devices and factory management systems.


Product Inspection Guide

Vodič kroz tehnologiju za kontrolu proizvoda
Preuzmite nove vodiče za kontrolu proizvoda u kojima je navedeno sve što trebate znati o izradi učinkovitog programa za kontrolu proizvoda u proizvodn...
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HDS Metal Detector

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HDS Metal Detector
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