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Weigh Transm. ACT350 Precision PRNT

Industries' Highest Accuracy on PLC

It provides fast and easy PLC connectivity to High Precision Weigh Modules and Scales. Perfect for machines systems with highest level of accuracy.

PLC Communications Made Easy

Sample PLC code and device description files for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP incl. AOP allow PLC communications to be established with almost no effort.

Onboard Display, Keypad and Webserver

The local display and keypad provide easy setup and diagnostics directly at the unit. An integrated Webserver allows for remote setup and maintenance

Specifikacije - Weigh Transm. ACT350 Precision PRNT
1 Precision Scale
Digital I/O
Mounting Flexibility
24 VDC Version
Dimensions (WxHxD)
40 mm x 110 mm x 100 mm / 1.6 in x 4.3 in x 4 in
4 button; OLED; PROFINET
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Weigh Transm. ACT350 Precision PRNT
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