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Pulp and Paper

In the pulp and paper industry, it can be difficult to understand and quantify how fibers, fillers, and retention agents behave and act in real time. FBRM® and PVM® are in situ tools that allow real-time quantification of fillers, fibers, and flocculants to improve wet-end chemistry.

Retention agent analysis

  • Optimize chemical dosing
  • Quantify retention dynamics
  • Check constant retention performance
  • Analyze effects of contaminants
  • Analyze different chemicals

Paper mill performance

  • Monitor online directly in the head box
  • React immediately on pulp fraction changes
  • Check for iterations of additives
  • Competitively analyze different chemicals

Optimize filler crystallization

  • Ensure fast downstream processing

Flocculation behavior

  • Improve flocculant size and stability
  • Optimize setups, stirring and mixing speeds, and concentration
  • Determine dynamics of flocculant disrupture

White water analysis

  • Monitor white water quality online
  • Identify and quantify remaining solids
  • Minimize costs of a recirculation loop

Avoid stickies

  • Be sensitive to waste furnish stickies
  • Allow for immediate chemical dosage

Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper


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