Validating FBRM® with in-process video microscopy - METTLER TOLEDO

Validating FBRM® with in-process video microscopy

PVM® validates FBRM® results by linking time points with size and shape information

New software allows PVM® images to be displayed and sychronized to the FBRM® cross hair-time/date. This provides an easy link between FBRM® and PVM® for quick data validation.

In-process images captured using PVM® technology can be synchronized with other process analytical technology, such as Lasentec® FBRM®, to quickly interpret and validate quantitative particle size and shape results. New software is provided to link PVM® images with complementary FBRM® quantitative measurements.


FBRM® data profiling a crystal morphology transformation from a compact agglomerated shape (3:25PM) to a thin needle shape (3:55PM).

PVM® images track the morphology transition. This insight gained through PVM® data leads to easy interpretation and validation of FBRM® distributions before and after the morphology transition.
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