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Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Multi-Parameter TOC Transmitters for Measurement

A total organic carbon transmitter is a multi-parameter transmitter designed for monitoring the signal from a TOC sensor or analyzer. It can integrate with two or four in-line sensors in pure water applications. TOC transmitters by METTLER TOLEDO are equipped with a customizable, color touchscreen display to satisfy user preferences while providing easy access to diagnostic information on Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) TOC sensors.

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What is a TOC transmitter?

A total organic carbon transmitter is an important component of an analytical measurement system that continuously monitors TOC. METTLER TOLEDO TOC analyzers communicate sensor measurements and diagnostic information data to a user or higher level control system through a TOC transmitter interface.

What models of METTLER TOLEDO transmitters can be used as a TOC Transmitter?

All models of the METTLER TOLEDO M800 Water transmitter can be integrated with a TOC sensor to act as a TOC transmitter.

Can a TOC transmitter measure multiple parameters at the same time?

Yes, a METTLER TOLEDO TOC transmitter is multi-parameter, meaning it can measure multiple parameters at the same time. Multi-parameter capabilities on the METTLER TOLEDO TOC transmitter help lower cost per measurement point and provide greater flexibility, less complexity, and less training and inventory.