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High Throughput Auto-Sampling

On Demand Webinar

The Key to Biocatalytic Process Characterization

high throughput autosampling ppt
high throughput autosampling ppt

During process development and characterization for a fully biocatalytic cascaded synthesis, a large experimental burden was identified due to a number of factors. These factors included the additional parameters inheriant in biocatalytic processing, the cascaded nature of the reactions, and reaction rates within each step that varied significantly. Compromising the rigor of characterization experimentation performed was not an option for the project team, therefore, a different approach was required in order to achieve the required rigor in the allotted time. 

The answer to this balancing act came in the form of automated sampling. The team used both the METTLER TOLEDO EasySampler and the Sartorius Ambr15f to ensure that robust, uniform, and comprehensive data sets were collected for all experiments across all steps. These tools allowed greater efficiency, flexibility, and consistency in collecting these data sets that ultimately allowed the team to fully understand the system and define process parameters that led to successful commercial processing. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Maximizing the value of every experiment
  • Leveraging technology to be agile and remain competitive
  • Robust data sets driving strong decision making
25 minutes

Margaret Miller - Merck