New Track & Trace Guide Thoroughly Explained

Observing Track & Trace in the Wild - New Guide

New guide explains serialization, aggregation and everything in between

The complete Track & Trace process involves a multitude of moving parts working in concert with one another. It brings together hardware and software components and uses them to achieve product traceability. It can be difficult at times to fully understand the scope of it, and where it can be useful. Putting together a Track & Trace program is another matter entirely – one which seems even more daunting.

METTLER TOLEDO has recently published a new guide which aims to explain the technology that goes into a complete Track & Trace program, as well as a comprehensive overview of industries in which Track & Trace is utilized. Pharmaceutical manufacturers in particular have moved toward serialization and aggregation technology in recent years, and the guide provides an overview of the various governmental regulations which have come (and are still coming) into force which make a Track & Trace program mandatory.

The guide takes a deep dive into what goes into the actual process of assigning and encoding serial numbers, including a discussion of the standard format for the machine-readable code. As an illustrative example, the guide also describes how Track & Trace functions in the pharmaceutical industry, and finally explains how a manufacturer can go about implementing a serialization and aggregation program in their own production process.

As with all other PI Guides, the Track & Trace guide  is available free to download.

Observing Track & Trace in the Wild - New Guide
C-Series Checkweighers

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