Tips UNV 10 µL ShftGrd 1000/Pkg RC-10G - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Tips UNV 10 µL ShftGrd 1000/Pkg RC-10G

ShaftGard BioClean Tips in Bulk. Bulk tips, 10 μL max. volume, universal-fit, ShaftGard™ shaft/tip ejector protection, 1000 tips in bags (RC-10G)

Complete Shaft Protection

Protecting the shaft from accidental contamination, reducing the need to decontaminate or sterilise. Great for biological, radioactive or other critical samples.

Big Quantity, Small Price

The most economical way to get top quality tips. Packaged in re-sealable zip-lock bag. To refill racks manually.

Flawless and BioClean

Perfect production, perfect form, advanced designs and 100% inert.

Material No.: 17001123

Available for purchase

Specifications - Tips UNV 10 µL ShftGrd 1000/Pkg RC-10G
Tip Technology Universal
Volume 10 µL
Filter No
Speciality format ShaftGard
Sterilised No
Maximum Volume 10 µL
Amount/Quantity 1000 tips in 1 bag


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Tips UNV 10 µL ShftGrd 1000/Pkg RC-10G


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