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Pipette Tips TR LTS 200µL F 960A/10

Fully recyclable tip rack.. TerraRack™ (recyclable rack) tips, 200 μL max. volume, for Rainin pipettes with LTS™ LiteTouch™, pre-sterilized, filter, 960 tips in 10 racks of 96 (TR-L200F)

Environmentally-friendly rack design.

Terra Rack provides an innovative solution to plastic waste. It is composed of a lightweight thermoformed PETE shell, which is highly recyclable.

Unique, lightweight composition

TerraRacks are less than half the weight of conventional polypropylene tip racks. There is much less plastic waste and they are 100% recyclable.

Pre-sterilised, single-use convenience.

TerraRacks are non-autoclavable and pre-sterilised for immediate use. After use, the recyclability facilitates easy, guilt-free disposal.

Material No.: 17014963

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Specifications - Pipette Tips TR LTS 200µL F 960A/10
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Volume 200 µL
Filter Yes
Sterilised Yes
Maximum Volume 200 µL
Amount/Quantity 960 tips in 10 racks


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Pipette Tips TR LTS 200µL F 960A/10


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