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Tips GP-UNV-A-20µL-/F-960/10

Filter UNV Tips, Sterilized. Green-Pak™ individual refills, 20 μL max. volume, universal-fit, Sterilized, filter, 960 tips in 10 rack refills.

Protects against aerosol contamination

Rainin tip filters employ a tortuous path technology to form an effective barrier against aerosols and liquids. Filters eliminate the potential for sample and pipette cross-contamination that could jeopardize results.

Reduce plastic waste

75% less plastic waste than using racks. Individually-sealed refills for empty tip racks. Easy to use - load refills without touching the tips. Highly recyclable.

Sterilized for your convenience

Ready for immediate use. Sterilized tips are gamma-irradiated to ensure the packaged product is free of bio-burden contamination.

Material No.: 30389267

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Specifications - Tips GP-UNV-A-20µL-/F-960/10
Tip Technology Universal
Volume 20 µL
Filter Yes
Sterilised Yes
Maximum Volume 20 µL
Amount/Quantity 960 tips in 10 refills

BioClean Ultra

BioClean Ultra tips are free of detectable DNA, DNAse, RNAse, Endotoxin, ATP, protein, protease and PCR inhibitors.


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Tips GP-UNV-A-20µL-/F-960/10


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