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CSN840 Pallet™ - Discontinued Product

Profitable Pallet Handling

*Product will be discontinued as of July 31, 2020 and will be replaced by the TLD870 Pallet Dimensioner

Easy to install and easy to use, the CSN840 calculates the dimensional weight of a shipment for correct classification, pricing and invoicing. This allows transport companies to offer fair, visible pricing while benefiting from revenue recovery and better utilization of space and resources.

The system is fully approved by global weights and measures authorities and offers high accuracy for all shapes and surfaces including shiny, black plastic.


Take a look at the CSN840 Pallet™ in action in this product demonstration video:

The CSN840 Pallet™ can be configured to suit your specific operational requirements. It can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted.
Optional features include image capture, taring and extra large measuring.

CSN840 Pallet™

Discontinued since: Jul, 2020

Replaced with: TLD870 Static Pallet Dimensioner

Fast, Efficient Pallet Dimensioning.The TLD870 combines best-in-class dimensioning performance with fastest measuring times to offer an efficient, robust solution for pallet revenue recovery, costing, invoicing and load planning.

Measures in just 2 seconds

The quick measuring time of the TLD870 allows you to measure more pallets more efficiently. Recover revenue on up to 240 pallets an hour.

Easily measure any pallet

Some surface types, such as black plastic, can cause problems for dimensioners. The TLD870 gives an accurate reading on 99 per cent of surfaces.

Full control of your hub

Combining dimensioning with weighing, images and barcode information, OCTO DataCapture Software provides all the data needed for full process control.

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Specifications- CSN840 Pallet™

Specifications - CSN840 Pallet™
Accuracy ± 20 mm (± 0.5 in)
Throughput Approx. 200 pallets per hour
Object shape All shapes
Interface General Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Standard host (RS232)
Software accessories OCTO™ DataCapture Software
Max object size (l x w x h) 1830 x 1830 x 2600 mm (98 x 98 x 102 in)
Min object size (l x w x h) 200 x 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8 x 8 in. )
Power supply 230 V 50 Hz, or 100-115 V 60 Hz
Measurement_Time ~ 5 sec
Trade Name Pallet solution,Pallet scanning,Pallet dimensioner,Cargoscanner
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