T2620| for Marking & Verification of Pharmaceutical Products

T2620 Serialization System

Safety through Serialization Compact, fully integrated system for marking and verification of pharmaceutical Track & Trace products

GMP Compliant Design
The T2620 features easily-accessible parts for cleaning and maintenance, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

Compatible with Existing ERP Systems
The T2620 runs on the complete PCE software suite, allowing seamless integration into pre-existing ERP, MES or cloud environments.

Compact Product Design
Space is normally at a premium in production sites, so the T2620 was designed with a small footprint in order to minimize spatial requirements.

T2620 Serialization System

T2620 Specification Table

Product Width (mm) 25-150
Product Height (mm) 10 - 100
Field of View (height x width in mm) 95 x 70
Max Linear Line Speed (m/min)80
RejectorAir blast, high-performance air blast, pusher

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T2620 Features and Benefits

System Flexibility
Suitable for a diverse range of packaging sizes and types with quick product changeovers. Adjustable to line speeds of up to 400 parts per minute (ppm).
Centralized Track & Trace Management
Management of all Track & Trace systems, from manual stations through to complete solutions in high-speed packaging lines including aggregation and database entry using PCE Line Manager (PLM).
Datamatrix Grading
In-line validation printed datamatrix code quality according to ISO 15415 to ensure advanced line performance
Global Service and Support
A global service network supports cross-border contracts and ensures timely support and the availability and quick delivery of spare parts to reduce downtime and keep processes running smoothly.



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Case Studies

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T2620 Serialization System


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T2620 Serialization System


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