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Balance XPR2

Supreme Performance for Micro Samples.Precise micro weighing with highest user safety. 2.1 g capacity; 1 µg readability; integrated methods; results notepad; 2 displays; automatic draft shield; all-round visibility; small footprint; easy cleaning; LabX compatible

Exceptional Accuracy for Small Samples

With one microgram readability, low minimum weight, and unique design features, you can accurately weigh tiny samples with the utmost safety.

Audit-Proof Results - Every Time

Innovative quality assurance functions actively monitor the status of your balance and are your reassurance of accurate, repeatable, and valid results.

Small Footprint and Two Terminals

XPR microbalances have the smallest footprint on the market, plus the main terminal can be placed away from the balance, wherever is most convenient.

Material No.: 30279267

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Specifications - Balance XPR2
Maximum Capacity
2.1 g
1 µg
Repeatability, typical
0.5 µg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
1 mg
Internal (automatic/FACT)
USB-B (to device)
RS232 (integrated/optional)
USB-A (to device)
Bluetooth (optional)
Ethernet (LAN)
User management
Password protection
User Rights
Unlimited Amount of Users
Legal for Trade
Valuable Samples
Compliance Options
Data Integrity
Log history (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
Password protection
Log history (Basic Metadata)
Approved Balance
Balance Line
Balance Type
Automatic doors
Password protection
Leveling guidance
Supports 21 CFR Part 11 (LabX compatible)
User management
Recommended For
Documentation Options
Basic Electronic Documentation
Automatic Documentation (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
Microbalance Type
Excellence $$$
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Weighing
Weighing Pan Diameter
27 mm
Readability (Certified)
1 mg
Automation Options
Automated Workflows

Effortless Data Integrity with LabX

LabX provides onscreen user guidance and automatically saves weighing results and metadata in a secure database, ensuring traceability, data integrity, and assisting in compliance with 21 CFR part 11. Users, instruments, and tasks can be managed centrally.

Smart Features Enhance Productivity

The capacitive touchscreen allows you to 'swipe' through settings, applications, and methods. Your task methods can be stored in the method library and quickly accessed. This saves you time and provides higher process security.

Easy and Error-Free Data Handling

As you carry out your tasks, your results and task parameters are automatically recorded on the built-in results notepad. The data can be quickly and easily sent to a PC or software application via direct transfer or USB flash drive.

Clever Design Keeps the User Safe

The draft shield has wide access, full visibility and touch-free door operation to simplify dosing, minimize spills, and reduce cross-contamination. The SmartView terminal enables the main terminal to be placed away from potential contaminants.

Easy Cleaning

All parts of the draft shield and weighing pan can be removed, cleaned, and replaced in a few simple steps. There are no edges or corners where sample material can become trapped and all-round visibility helps you ensure cleaning is thorough.

Benefit From Our Weighing Know-How

Our free GWP® Recommendation ensures you have the right balance for your weighing process. With years of weighing expertise, we can support you with balance selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration and maintenance.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Our services include installation and qualification, calibration, maintenance, and routine testing to ensure your balance is fit for purpose and meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. Customize your service package to meet your precise needs.



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Datasheet XPR Micro-Analytical Balances
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Installation Instructions

Reference Manual: Microbalances XPR2, XPR2U, XPR6U, XPR6UD5, XPR10
Full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of your balance.
User Manual: Microbalances XPR2, XPR2U, XPR6U, XPR6UD5, XPR10
Easy reference guide to help you quickly set-up and start using your balance.
MT-SICS Interface Commands for XPR and XSR Balances
To enable you to integrate balances into your systems in a simplified manner and utilize their capabilities, many balance functions can be accessed th...


Anti-static Solutions

Antistatic kit including one stand and one compact electrode for XPR/XSR balances

Material No.: 30499859

( incl. VAT)
Optional second electrode for the antistatic kit for XPR/XSR balances

Material No.: 30496446

( incl. VAT)
Built-in compact antistatic kit for XPR analytical and micro balances

Material No.: 30499860

( incl. VAT)


CarePac 2g E2 / 0.1g E2 Cal
CarePac® Small 2g E2 / 0.1g E2 inlcuding accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Material No.: 11123004

( incl. VAT)
Carepac ASTM 2G 1/100mg 1C
CarePac® small 2g /100mg ASTM 1 class, including accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Material No.: 11123104

( incl. VAT)

Excellence Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

P-58RUE Thermal Printer offers statistics, formulation, totaling applications and label printing with barcode. It can be connected via RS232, USB and ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30094674

( incl. VAT)
P-56RUE Thermal printer supports printing on thermal paper and continuous thermal labels, and it can be connected via RS232, USB and ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30094673

( incl. VAT)

Filter Weighing Accessories

Filter weighing kit including tweezers suitable for filter of 47 - 70 mm diameter to use on XPR micro and ultra micro balances

Material No.: 30300922

( incl. VAT)
Filter set for filter sizes of 50mm diameter to use on XP/XS micro and ultra micro balances

Material No.: 211214

( incl. VAT)
Tweezers for the handling of filters

Material No.: 11122131

( incl. VAT)

Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

ErgoSens, optical sensor for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30300915

( incl. VAT)
Footswitch, optional switch for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30312558

( incl. VAT)

Interfaces, Cables and Power Supplies

Terminal cable, extended, 4.5 m

Material No.: 30300920

( incl. VAT)

Manual Sample Dosing

Spatula for precise powder handling for micro and ultra micro balances

Material No.: 30064490

( incl. VAT)

Printers for Moisture Analyzers

P-52RUE dot matrix printer supports printing on paper and continuous label and can be connected via RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30237290

( incl. VAT)

Weighing Pans

Special weighing pan suitable for small, tubular samples. Includes holder, pan and wind-ring

Material No.: 30113498

( incl. VAT)
Set of special weighing pans suitable for small, tubular samples.

Material No.: 30215425

( incl. VAT)


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Balance XPR2