Balance XPR26PC

Calibrations Compliant with ISO 8655.The XPR26PC is the high-speed solution for ISO 8655-compliant pipette calibration. With a readability of 1 μg and a repeatability of 1.5 μg, the XPR26PC fulfills ISO 8655 requirements for micro-pipettes with dispensing volumes as small as 0.5 μL.

ISO 8655 Down to 0.5 μL

With readability of 0.5 μg, the XPR26PC fulfills the ISO8655 requirements for dispensed volumes ≥0.5 μL.

Fast and Ergonomic

Pass the pipette through the light sensor and the evaporation trap lid will open or close automatically. Adjustable for left and right handed users.

Non-Stop Testing

The waste container holds up to 10 mL, meaning 10 μL can be pipetted 1,000 times before it needs to be emptied.

Material No.: 30355534

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Specifications - Balance XPR26PC
Maximum Capacity
22 g
0.001 mg
Repeatability, typical
0.0007 mg
Settling Time
3.5 s
Internal / proFACT Advanced
Dimensions (HxWxD)
292 mm x 195 mm x 485 mm
Linearity ±
0.003 mg

Step-by-Step Testing Guidance

The Calibry PC software guides users through an ISO 8655-compliant calibration, ensuring all steps and calculations are completed correctly and required tolerances are met.

Data Management and Compliance

User management, report release, change history, and audit trails are all available within Calibry to fully support you with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory compliance.

Automated Traceability and Reporting

Calibry automatically saves all calibration data in a secure SQL database and can generate ISO 8655 compliant reports. All data can be exported as well.

Uninterrupted Operation

A suction pump comes included with each XPR26PC. This compact pump can quickly empty the waste container without needing to disassemble the balance.

Ergonomic Workplace

The special weighing table consists of two independent tables, which prevent user vibrations from reaching the balance. They can be adjusted to obtain the best ergonomic position for efficient and secure working throughout the day

Efficient Balance Testing

An accurate balance means accurate pipettes. The CarePac® weight set with OIML/ASTM 1 g and 20 g weights is perfect for routine performance verification of the XPR26PC calibration balance.

Benefit From Our Pipetting Know-How

METTLER TOLEDO’s Good Pipetting Practice™ (GPP™) is a systematic approach to maximizing pipetting accuracy. Improve your skills to produce consistent results, and understand how proper technique can influence data quality.



Datasheet: XPR26PC
Datasheet: XPR26PC (pdf - 261 KB)
Download this datasheet to learn more about specifications and accessories of XPR26PC.
Pipette Calibration Software Datasheet
Calibry is the ideal software for managing ISO 8655 calibrations and performance verifications of single and multichannel pipettes in laboratory weigh...



CarePac OIML 1g/20g F1 Cal
CarePac® Small F1 1g/20g inlcuding accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Material No.: 30550617

( incl. VAT)

Interfaces, Cables and Power Supplies

Terminal cable, extended, 4.5 m

Material No.: 30300920

( incl. VAT)

Pipette Check

Calibry Express

Material No.: 11138423

( incl. VAT)
Calibry Single

Material No.: 11138419

( incl. VAT)
Calibry Network

Material No.: 11138420

( incl. VAT)

Weighing Tables

Weighing table for the XPE26/56 micro balance

Material No.: 11138042

( incl. VAT)



Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

External RFID options for reading and writing all sample information and dosing heads.

Material No.: 30416173

( incl. VAT)

Pipette Check

Calibry Express

Material No.: 11138423

( incl. VAT)
Calibry Single

Material No.: 11138419

( incl. VAT)
Calibry Network

Material No.: 11138420

( incl. VAT)
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