Evaporation trap 6/20ml XPR/XSR-Ana

Balance Upgrade Kit for Pipette Testing.The Balance Upgrade Kit for Pipette Testing is a great solution for achieving ISO 8655-compliant results with an XPR balance. This kit is perfect for testing pipettes with nominal volumes of 20 μL or greater.

One Balance, Multiple Functions

The Balance Upgrade Kit for Pipette Testing can be easily assembled in minutes on any XPR or XSR balance with the included instructions.

ISO 8655 Compliance for Volumes ≥20 μL

With readabilities as low as 0.01 mg, the XPR and XSR balances can fulfill the ISO 8655 requirements for pipettes dispensing volumes ≥20 μL.

Easy-to-Use and Ergonomic

The large touchscreen of XPR balances, motion sensor doors, and detachable draft shields make pipette testing easy and ergonomic.

Material No.: 30460843

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Specifications - Evaporation trap 6/20ml XPR/XSR-Ana

Lifetime Performance

The unique hanging weighing pan design of the XPR balances prevents water from dripping into the balance mechanics , ensuring durability and consistent lifetime performance.

Step-by-Step ISO 8655 Guidance

The supplementary Calibry PC software guides you through complete ISO 8655 pipette workflows, giving you the reassurance that all steps are completed correctly and consistently. Calculations are done automatically, and a report is generated after each test.

Compliant Data Management and Reporting

The Calibry PC software stores results in a secure SQL database, informs you when pipette tests are due, and can generate customized reports. Calibry helps you fulfill ALCOA+ data integrity requirements and assists with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Instantaneous Pipette Identification

Identify your pipette in an instant with an optional RFID reader connected to the Calibry software. Each pipette is easily tracked, ensuring that the corresponding procedures are carried out and certificates are created with the correct serial numbers.

Benefit From Our Pipetting Know-How

METTLER TOLEDO’s Good Pipetting Practice™ (GPP™) is a systematic approach to maximizing pipetting accuracy. Improve your skills to produce consistent results, and understand how proper technique can influence data quality.




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Evaporation trap 6/20ml XPR/XSR-Ana