Pump SPR200 Peristaltic Reversible

Reliable Liquid Control.SPR200 Peristaltic Reversible Pump for InMotion™ autosamplers and Excellence density meters and refractometers.

Dynamic Reagent Control for InMotion™

Use the SPR200 reversible and variable rate peristaltic pump (20-200 mL/min) for flexible and dynamic sample and solvent control.

Automated Sampling

Fill and rinse the measurement cell on Excellence density meters.

Material No.: 30094285

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Specifications - Pump SPR200 Peristaltic Reversible
Minimum sample volume
Approximately 5 mL
Product Type
Automation solutions
Sample filling mode
Max. sample viscosity
1000 mPa*s
Automation for Enhanced Workflow
Sampling and cleaning (1 sample)


Novoprene tubes

Material No.: 51190969

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Material No.: 30094297

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Pump SPR200 Peristaltic Reversible