Silver Ring Sensor DMi148-SC

Maximum Versatility, Minimum Maintenance.The DMi148-SC combined silver ring electrode is ideally suited to detect chloride in non-aqueous media and -- simply by sulfidizing the silver ring -- to titrate mercaptans in petroleum products.

No More Clogging

Thanks to the junction-free bulb glass reference there is no more precipitate blocking or diaphragm clogging, and no electrolyte refilling is necessary.

Built-in Versatility

Other possible applications such as acid-base titration using the silver ring as reference are automatically possible.

Plug & Play Sensor Chip

A sensor chip stores the sensor type, calibration, and lifespan data, all read instantly during titrator setup. Using the wrong sensor is impossible.

Material No.: 51109532

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Specifications - Silver Ring Sensor DMi148-SC
Measurement Type
pH application range
Reference System
pH glass membrane
Sensor element
Silver ring
Reference electrolyte
Measurement Range
-2,000 mV – 2,000 mV
Type of Sensor
Metal Sensors
Shaft Material
Temperature Range
32 °F – 176 °F (0 °C – 80 °C)
Plug & Play Sensor Chip
Product Line
Excellence Titrators
Potentiometric Compact Titrators

Precision and Reliability

The combination of experienced craftsmanship plus maximum utility of automated production methods ensures consistently high sensor performance.

Guaranteed Quality

No sensor leaves the production facility untested. Only after a series of demanding final checks does each sensor receive its individual quality certificate, ready for dispatch.


Chloride, bromide, iodide, and cyanide. Sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans. Chloride in dialysis solutions. Chloride in bioethanol.


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Silver Ring Sensor DMi148-SC