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X Ex Platform Scales

X Ex Platform Scales

Platform scales offer fast, precise, safe weighing in hazardous areas

X Ex Platforms


Maintenance and calibration to optimize your operations

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Features and Benefits
Exceptionally rugged design
classified IP44, the robust construction offers complete overload protection

Straight and compact footprint
for easy integration into production equipment or other systems

High productivity
  • MonoBloc HighSpeed weighing sensor for fast weighing
  • Smallest measurement uncertainty
  • Highest resolution
Secure results
ProFACT, the automatic internal adjustment feature, guarantees accurate and reproducible weighing results

RS232 as standard interface plus 1 interface (Ethernet or RS232) in option slot

Fast cleaning
Soiling resistant design, surfaces and edges easy to clean

Standard Features:All models:

RS232 interface

Option slot for second interface, choice of 2 different interfaces

Overload protection


Protective cover

Prepared for weighing below balance

Large square stainless steel weighing pan

Are available as veriefied models

Are certified Zone 2  according to ATEX 95

Offer download software via the Internet

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