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Aggregation Solutions for the Traceability of Products – Free Download

White Paper

Explaining aggregation process in serialization applications

Aggregation Solutions - White Paper
Aggregation Solutions - White Paper

This white paper looks at the aggregation process, which defines the track and trace data relationship between the parent and child. Aggregation makes tracing products through each step of the supply chain much simpler. This in turn means that should one of those individual products show up elsewhere, it has been either stolen or counterfeited.

Different methods of tracking products exist. Aggregating codes together allows for faster and easier tracking - each package no longer needs to be scanned at each stop as long as the aggregated code is scanned. This also increases process security, as larger containers can remain sealed until they reach their ultimate destination.

The white paper focuses on the following subjects:

  • How to implement full traceability with aggregation
  • Marking, verifying, safeguarding – from cartons to pallets
  • Secure storage of production data is crucial
  • Solutions – maximum possible safety
  • Performance – the expert partner for track & trace systems
  • Aggregation outside the pharmaceutical industry

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Various efforts are being made by international legislative authorities and organizations to achieve a uniform standard for the traceability of medicines. Despite years of effort, it remains unclear as to when and whether a uniform solution will emerge. What is clear, however, is that the growing danger of life-threatening risks caused by counterfeit medicines is forcing further action from the relevant government agencies.

Aggregation solutions must be designed to be upgradable in order to anticipate statutory requirements and voluntary compliance standards as best as possible. Only then will pharmaceutical manufacturers be able to ensure patient safety and confidence, and forge lasting customer relationships.

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