How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food? - METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food?

On Demand Webinar

This webinar provides clear reassurance that X-ray food inspection keeps food, consumers and factory operators totally safe

Mettler Toledo Safefline X-ray
Mettler Toledo Safefline X-ray

Food consumers sometimes express concerns about possible harmful effects of X-rays on food safety and quality; at the same time, food producers can express similar worries that X-ray inspection might damage food on their production line – and even harm operators working close to X-rays.

This webinar demonstrates that X-rayed food is safe and healthy, and that no-one eating such food or working on X-ray-inclusive production lines can be negatively affected.

The webinar covers topics such as:

  • X-ray inspection radiation levels are so low that they have no negative effects on food, on consumers or on factory operatives
  • The effectiveness of X-raying food to detect and eliminate contaminants – helping manufacturers maintain proper safety procedures and obey regulations
  • The usefulness of X-rays in carrying out a whole range of quality checks
  • An explanation of what X-rays are and how X-ray inspection food  does not involve use of radioactive materials
10 minutes

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