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Application Method

Benefits of Automated Capsule Filling

Application Method

Easy, Efficient and Safe Dispensing into Capsules

Filling capsules is a very common activity in pre-clinical and first-in-man studies. It is however often done manually either because sample series are too small for filling machines or different amounts are required per capsule, which is not easy to automate. Manual operation is tricky and can present potential error and safety risks. It is also time-consuming, thus inefficient and cost-generating.

Solution for Capsule Filling Challenges

Automating the process of capsule filling can significantly improve both productivity and safety. However, existing solutions are either difficult to operate, come at a high investment or do not enable different formulations per capsule.

Automated solutions from METTLER TOLEDO set an entirely new standard in capsule filling. We offer a sample changer with up to 30 slots, which enables unattended automated dispensing of either powders or liquids. Capsule filling is considerably faster than manual dispensing, allowing for great time savings. Additionally, while a sample changer is at work, you can focus on other tasks that may be critical for your analysis.

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