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Reaction Analysis eLearnings

Live Webinar
Seminar Training

METTLER TOLEDO experts host a series of live virtual training events for Chemists and Chemical Engineers interested in stable and consistent process development.

Each eLearning session is dedicated to a different topic, including Reaction Analysis, Crystallization, Flow Chemistry, Polymerization, Polymorphism, Reaction Kinetics and Mechanistic, and Quantification. The eLearnings can be conveniently viewed from your work or home office. Register for the relevant eLearning sessions below.

Each session will be held at two different times on the scheduled date and will last approximately 30 minutes with 10 minute Q&A.

Who Should Attend?

  • Process R&D Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Process Chemists

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In situ FTIR for Supersaturation Control in a Crystallization
June 3 11:00 CET, 1:00 PM EDT
Presented by Paul Kuijpers & Jennifer Allen

- How to Control Supersaturation
- Cookbook for Supersaturation
- Live Q&A with METTLER TOLEDO Expert
Identifying and Controlling Polymorphism with in situ Raman
June 10 11:00 CET, 1:00 PM EDT
Presented by Brian Wittkamp

- What is a Polymorph?
- Why is it Important to Understand Polymorphs?
- How to Distinguish Polymorphs
- Example of Controlling a Crystallization for a Specific Product Form
- Live Q&A with METTLER TOLEDO Expert
Reaction Kinetics and Mechanistic Information
June 17 11:00 CET, 1:00 PM EDT
Presented by Calum Welsh & Paul Scholl

- How to Extract Reaction Rates Efficiently
- How to Gain Mechanistic Insights into your Reaction Chemistry
- Live Q&A with METTLER TOLEDO Expert
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