Ultra-fast DSC – The Exciting New World of Flash DSC Measurements
Live Webinar

Ultra-fast DSC – The Exciting New World of Flash DSC

Live Webinar

Ultra-fast DSC enables processes involving structure formation on cooling to be measured.

Rapid DSC
Rapid DSC

Why Ultra-fast DSC?

The results of measurements obtained using conventional DSC instruments frequently depend on the heating or cooling rates used. For example, if you want to investigate the behavior of materials in technical processes, such as for example crystallization processes in injection molding, the heating rates used for the measurement must be comparable to those that occur in the actual process. To perform such measurements, we need a DSC instrument that can measure at a very wide range of heating and cooling rates.


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Ultra-fast DSC via Flash DSC technology

The above considerations led METTLER TOLEDO to develop a new type of Ultra-fast DSC instrument – Flash DSC – using the very latest technology.
Flash DSC combines a DSC chip sensor based on MEMS technology, an innovative, patented measurement and control concept, and a functional ergonomic design.

Great importance in its development was placed on simple sample preparation and ultra-high heating and cooling rates.

The METTLER TOLEDO Flash DSC webinar discusses the influence of scanning rates in detail and points out possible areas of application for Flash DSC technology.

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